Ronja: DIY Optical Data Link

August 29th, 2008

Finally, I’ve found something that I was looking for a very, very, long time. A DIY Optical Link Kit. Ronja. And a cheap one (100 USD). I’ve seen a couple of professional gigabit links using FSO (Free Space Optics) Technology and I was getting very curious about how this stuff really works. It has a limited range compared to wifi p2p links, but you have lot’s of advantages: no interference, full duplex and it’s completely legal. About Ronja, the concept and hardware are OpenSource and the PCB design was made to allow anyone to buy normal components in any electronic shop at your hometown. It’s very popular in Eastern Europe, mainly in Czech Republic. They even have ISP’s based on this. Amazing. For more info on Ronja:

Ronja (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access) is an User Controlled Technology (like Free Software) project of optical point-to-point data link. The device has 1.4km range and has stable 10Mbps full duplex data rate. Ronja is an optoelectronic device you can mount on your house and connect your PC, home or office network with other networks. Or you can use it as a general purpose wireless link for building any other networking project.

So, my goal now is trying to build my own Ronja Kit and deploy a FSO Link not before December. Oh boy, good times ahead. Must, resist.

6 Responses to “Ronja: DIY Optical Data Link”

  1. robsan Says:

    Very cool. Although i would guess anything that comes across it’s line-of-sight (rain and other weather conditions, birds, etc) will cause interference.

  2. Fred Says:

    Yes, bad weather can cause problems. But from what I’ve saw, rain and birds is not a big problem. The biggest is fog.

  3. Richard (Dick) Kaufman Says:

    Can you share some more details? I have been studying this area as well and I would like to build my own.

  4. Fred Says:

    Hi Richard. I really would like to help you but, just like you, I have no experience on FSO, yet. You better check the Ronja documentation at their site.

  5. Hugo Jose Says:

    You succeed in build your equipment RONJA?
    Can You telling details of the operation and the parts that were purchased?

  6. Fred Says:

    Sorry Hugo but I did not have time to build one since 2008. I have moved to a different place, where I don’t have the motivation (or the need) to build this.

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