The network is the computer (this time it’s the future, really)

Meet CherryPal:

The CherryPalâ„¢ C100 desktop is about the size of a paperback book, but has the performance you would expect from a full-size desktop computer. Freescale’s fast triple-core mobileGT processor delivers exceptional multimedia performance and feature-rich user interfaces, while only consuming as much power as a clock radio. CherryPal uses 80 percent fewer components than a traditional PC, and because it has no moving parts, it operates without making a sound and will last 10 years or more.

You pay $249 for a small black box with external VGA, 2 USB ports, 256M ram, 4G NAND, 400 Mhz processor and internal wifi card. This thing will consume about 2 watts of energy (they say). This acts as a thin client, as you run all of your application on your virtual desktop, in the cloud. And you get 50 Gb of free storage. Hope it’s not 100% based on S3 :-). And they let you run Opensource applications like OpenOffice, IM, mail, etc. But they say they have iTunes also.

One thought on “The network is the computer (this time it’s the future, really)

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